Azureus is a Freedom fighter. He's also the main character in Azureus Rising.


Azureus wears a futuristic metal suit, that seems to be sleek instead of clunky. (although a clunk can be heard when he walks) He also has a mask that covers his face, with bright blue eyes and two tubes going to his back. Azureus also has spiky, bright blue hair, which could be a reference to anime. he also holds his pistols on his lower back and his sword on his upper back.


Azureus is extremely agile, able to leap over large objects and land from high places with much grace and expertise. he also is a formidibale swordsman, marksman, and uses other gadgets and tools in his arsenal as well. he is also very resourseful.


- sword with glowing blue circle in the middle and a blade that can be sheathed.

- two pistols that either shoot futuristic bullets or blue plasma.

- small exsplosives that breifly stun victims.